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Person with thumbs up and bandage on arm after an immunization

A Fresh Look at COVID-19

Consider this your up-to-date guide to stay as safe as possible for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

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Three pumpkins stacked together

Fun Ways to Protect You and Your Family this Halloween

There are fun ways to enjoy Halloween this year while also mitigating the risk of contracting or spreading COVID.

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Pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Let us answer some commonly asked questions about breast cancer so you can arm yourself with the information you need to prioritize your breast health.

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An individual with short hair, wearing an olive green sweater, greeting a clinician at the front door of their home.

Now Available: Primary And Preventive Care Services

Amazon Care is now offering even more healthcare services to care for you and your family, including primary and preventative care. Learn how to get started.

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A hot mug of tea sits on the corner of a nightstand while someone lies in bed behind it.

Your Complete Guide to Sore Throats (And How to Treat Them)

Sore throats are one of the most common reasons people see their family practitioner. Learn about sore throat causes, treatment and when to seek care.

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A person running along a body of water on a beautiful clear day.

A 3-Week Habit-Building Challenge to Start Off the Year Right

Each week, you will receive an email detailing how to select habits that will help you to set reasonable and attainable goals.

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 A light green knitted blanket and hat slung over the side of a wicker bassinet.

What It’s Like To Be a First-Time Parent In 2020

On February 20th, Pooja Roaorane and Anupam Dighe welcomed their first child into the world, days before Seattle went into lock-down. Read their story.

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A black alarm clock sitting on a white windowsill.

4 Practical, Feel-Good Habits Worth Forming in 2021-And How to Do It

Read on for four habits you can implement today to take better care this coming year.

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A hand holding six books stacked on top of each other up against a blank white wall.

A 3-Part Series to Help you Build Habits Rooted in Happiness

Tap here for 5 habit hacks to keep new habits sticking all year long.

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A black and white image of two fingers each touching the bottoms of a baby’s feet as they lay on their back.

How One Amazon Mom Balances Work, Family, and The Pandemic

Tiffany Spatafore, Head of Brand Development at Amazon Music, and her family have been together in their small Seattle home since the pandemic started.

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A woman wearing a blue sweatshirt with blond hair tied up into a bun, as she sits in front of a computer.

How One Mom Juggled Virtual School and Full Time Work During COVID-19

Anna Edwards, President of Families@, shares her list of top parenting tips for working from home. Tap here to read them.

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An artist with dark hair wearing a blue sweatshirt and smock while painting a mural on a wall outside.

Meet Three Muralists Spreading Care Around Seattle

Tap here to learn more about these three remarkable artists and their creative inspiration behind each mural.

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A tall pine tree surrounded by a thick white fog.

Managing Loneliness During the Holidays

If you find yourself feeling stuck in it this season, here are 6 steps you can take to connect to others and deepen your connection with yourself.

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A single bunch of lavender in front of a purple background.

Three Strategies for Breaking Negative Thought Patterns in Minutes

If you find yourself worrying over something you think might happen, you can do these 4 steps in your head or write them on a piece of paper.

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A person standing and wearing a white button down while using their cell phone.

The Rise of Digital Health in Charts

Virtual healthcare has taken off in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tap here for a list of the top trends in the industry according to experts.

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An aerial shot of an expansive field of tall green trees.

How to Capture the Healing Power of Nature at Your Desk

Tap here to learn how sunlight, listening to natural sounds, and a stress reduction playlist can be as healing as the great outdoors.

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A red and white thermometer sitting on a red circle with a purple background.

A Guide to Kid Fevers

If you are worried about fever, you are in good company, and it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. Tap here to learn when you should call a doctor.

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A clinician wearing a mask and gloves, sitting at a table performing an at-home exam on a child.

Delaying Medical Care During COVID-19. There’s a Better Way.

A healthcare clinician, whether in times of stress or critical need or for routine checkups, can help prevent chronic conditions and improve quality of life.

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A wide winged bird flying through the clouds.

5-minute Breathing Exercises to Help You De-stress Anywhere

There are many different ways to focus on your breathing, you are bound to find one that feels good. Tap here for 4 to try now.

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A child standing while touching the keys on a laptop computer.

How Can I Help My Kids Manage Stress in a Healthy Way?

Tap here for a list of signs that your child may be experiencing stress and anxiety, and what parents can do to help kids cope when those feelings arise.

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One hand holds open a journal on top of a box while the other begins to write with a black pen.

Worried about Quarantine Drinking Habits? Here’s What to Do

Tap here for 3 signs of high-risk drinking and how to cut back. Too much alcohol can lead to the development of chronic diseases and mental health problems.

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Two women with long dark hair standing outside with their arms wrapped around one another.

Creative Ways to Find Community During COVID-19

There are lots of good options for finding like-minded folks with whom you can spend your time safely online or outdoors. Tap here for 3 places to start.

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A person with dark hair sitting with their legs crossed while writing in a notebook.

Making Big Leaps with Moderation: Updating Your Relationship with Risky Substances

Research shows that substance use is on the rise in COVID-19. Interested in exploring your relationship to substances? Tap here to try these 4 tips.

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Multiple stones stacked on top of one another to form a tower on the beach.

Stress Relief Techniques That Actually Work

Tap here for 4 ways to help your body breathe a sigh of relief and know that, everything is okay.

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A woman with long dark hair holding her dog over her shoulder as she walks down the beach.

Simple Ways to Make Moving Your Body Easier and Enjoyable

Studies show that exercise lowers your blood pressure, blood sugar and helps you sleep. Tap here for a list of ways to make it easier to get and keep moving.

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Green vegetables sitting in a white bowl on a white counter.

Small Diet Changes That Lead to the Biggest Health Changes

Plant food based diets significantly lower your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. Tap here for a few ways to start eating well.

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A brown and white dog resting on a white blanket.

Six Steps for Getting Better Sleep —and Why It Matters to Your Overall Health

Too little sleep makes us irritable and causes headaches, stomach troubles, anxiety and depression. Tap here for 6 steps to getting better sleep.

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A pink sky behind fog covered mountains in the distance.

3 Ways To Keep Your Family Safe From Wildfire Smoke

Here are 3 ways to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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A physician checking a person's temperature during a homecare visit.

How to Know if You Have a Cold, the Flu, or COVID-19

Tap here to see charts with information from experts to help you interpret your symptoms.

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A physician checking a person's temperature during a homecare visit.

5 Ways to Cope With Seasonal Depressive Disorder, as told by Amazonians

Limited sunlight in fall and winter can cause a drop in serotonin, the brain chemical that affects mood. Tap here for 5 tips to cope through the winter months.

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A woman with dark hair sitting with her legs crossed while on her bed holding her cell phone.

Why Can't I Sleep?

Hours of sleep does not necessarily correlate with quality. Care Medical clinicians can help you to identify sleep issues and manage better nighttime habits.

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A person with long red hair wearing a blue button down t-shirt holding their phone out in front of them.

New Challenge to Improve these 6 Areas of Your Health

Tap here for practical ways to improve your lifestyle habits. Amazon Care is offering a free six-week email course to help you form better habits.

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A person sitting at their desk clutching their neck and lower back.

How To Make Your WFH Setup More Comfortable (and Healthy).

Customize your office to improve your posture and get moving. Stretching can also help to alleviate any back, shoulder, and neck pain. Tap here for 3 stretches.

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