Easy and fast access to quality health care for employees and their families

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Improve wellness and productivity across your workforce

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Change how health care is accessed and delivered

Enable your employees to connect with dedicated doctors and nurses 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Simplify the health care experience

Offer an easy-to-use app that makes care seamless, improves care coordination, and allows employees to interact with dedicated care team members.

Give your employees a patient-centered health care experience

Deliver a care experience that lets employees connect via video or chat, on-demand or by appointment.

Virtual and in-person care that meets the needs of your employees and their families

A woman with gray hair looks down at her phone to connect with her clinician.

Patient-centric health care

Your employees can connect with clinical staff including licensed doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses on-demand or by appointment.

A member of the Care Team smiles in the direction of a patient.

Dedicated Care Teams

Your employees can build continuous relationships with dedicated Care Team members and continue to see their clinicians as they make progress on their health goals over time.

A woman wearing a safety vest looks down at her phone at the Amazon Care app.

COVID-19 assessment and testing*

We can assess COVID-19 symptoms or questions virtually and help identify testing options.

A male patient speaks with his clinician through the video chat option in the Amazon Care app.

Care Coordination and referrals

We help coordinate referrals to high-quality, in-network specialists when needed to ensure your employees get the care they need.

An individual sits at a table with a member of the Care Team while receiving an at-home exam.

In-person care*

In selected areas, when employees or their family members need an in-person exam, test, or treatment, we send a nurse to their home.

A pharmacist checks a prescription on their tablet in a pharmacy.

Prescription services

You can have your prescription sent to your preferred pharmacy where you can pick it up, or, depending on your pharmacy, they may have delivery services.

* In select locations

Behavioral Health with Amazon Care

Support within minutes, whenever your employees need it

Amazon Care makes mental and behavioral health a priority for your workforce. Our Primary care providers treat concerns including mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression, sleep issues, stress tobacco addiction, and more.

Healthcare Trends

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In our patients' words


"Best. Service. Ever. So fast, so caring, proactive, accurate and immediate. This is an amazing service. Thank you!"

"This was the most positive medical experience I have ever had. From quick response, to ease of communication, and excellent help, there is no doubt that I will use Amazon Care again."

"Our call was for something fairly easy but the response rate, care and quick turnaround for an antibiotic was probably the best experience I have ever had re: medical concerns."


Overall customer satisfaction of amazon care




Likelihood to use the service again

* As of July 2021

Let’s work together to make healthcare easy for your employees and their families

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1 Median wait time for Care Chat: 8s and Virtual Chat: 15s (Oct 2019-Sept 2020)

2 In-person services only available in select metropolitan areas in 2021

3 The Economic Consequences of Millennial Health, 2019

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Care Team available for virtual care or questions 7 days a week through the app
Make appointments in advance - around your schedule
In-person follow-up care when you need it*

* Only available in select locations.