A man receiving an in-person exam at his home.

Healthcare has never been more convenient

At Amazon Care, healthcare is built around you and your family. Here, your needs, time, schedule and loved ones come first.

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How it works

Connecting you with the right care

A Care Team with you in mind

Your needs are unique, and your clinical team should be too. Care Teams are made up of clinicians, with family medicine backgrounds, who are focused on building a relationship with you to provide the care you need, and understand your health goals. You can schedule visits with your Care Team, or if you have an immediate or urgent care need, open the app, and we will do our best to connect you with a member of your team.

A smiling Amazon Care patient is surrounded by images of his supportive Care Team.

* Only available in select locations.

Saving you time and effort

Your easy button for healthcare

With the click of a button, we’ll ask a few questions to quickly direct you to the right level of care.

It’s time for my flu shot
I need a prescription
I think I might need a COVID-19 test
I’m stressed
Start a visit
Examples prompts you can start with in the Amazon Care app such as I'm stressed or I need a prescription.
A frustration-free experience

Access a clinician 24/7, 365 days a year.
No more waiting rooms,
no more travel time

Care chat

Have a question about a rash? Have a follow-up question after your visit? Connect with a clinician over chat to answer your questions.

A patient chatting with their clinician regarding a rash on their hand, using the Amazon Care app.

Video care

When you need to see someone face-to-face for medical advice, coaching or diagnosis, you can connect with a clinician for a video visit.

A user video calling with his clinician using the Amazon Care app.
A patient chatting with their clinician regarding a rash on their hand, using the Amazon Care app.A user video calling with his clinician using the Amazon Care app.

Discover new services to try

We’re always connecting you to new services to meet your health needs. Explore a few below:

Preventive Care

Protect your health with evidence-based screening, immunizations, and illness prevention.

A female clinician wearing glasses and administering a vaccine to a male patient.

Lifestyle & Wellness

Feel your best by getting help to set goals and the support to realize them.

A woman with dark hair spending time with her daughter.

Ongoing Care

Get help navigating chronic condition diagnosis, treatment, and specialty care resources.

A man wearing glasses and standing with his arms crossed while video calling with his clinician.

Joint Care

Ease back, neck, knee, and shoulder pain and perfect your work from home set-up with a joint care visit.

A woman sitting at a desk working on her computer while wearing headphones.

Sleep Care

Connect for a visit to get a personalized assessment of your sleep and ways to help you rest better.

A woman holding a cup of something hot while using her phone to video call with her clinician at night.

Care that comes to you

When you need in-person care, we’re at your door. Available in select locations.

Care from the comfort and safety of home

Our nurses will come directly to you for testing, immunizations, blood draws and more.

An individual with short hair, wearing an olive green sweater, greeting their clinician at the front door of their home.

Tools to manage your care

Get visit notes and reminders, all in one place.

Example notifications patients receive in the Amazon Care app such as follow-up reminders or after care summaries Example reminders within the Amazon Care app to schedule visits, follow-up reminders, live updates, and after care summaries

After care summaries

Example notification for an after-care summary

Schedule visits or access care on-demand

Example notification for a schedule visit

Follow-up scheduling reminders

Example notification for a follow-up reminder

Live updates

Example notification for live updates

Be in control of your care and your data

Your healthcare is your business, period.

Your health information is kept secure.

Your records are transferable to any healthcare provider with your consent.

We’ll never use your health information to sell you anything.

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In-person follow-up care when you need it*

* Only available in select locations.